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Representative Matters - Litigation | Attorneys Houston, Texas

Our attorneys have successfully represented individuals and groups in a very wide array of cases, including:

Real Estate

  • Represented the owner of a nationwide apartment complex portfolio against a major national bank for breach of an agreement and breach of fiduciary duties. A profitable settlement was achieved on the day before jury selection.
  • Represented the owner of regional power center against a Fortune 500 anchor tenant that breached its lease by terminating the lease in the midst of construction. A favorable settlement was achieved after one week of trial.
  • Defended a prominent Houston businessman at trial against fraud charges in connection with a real estate development. The judge entered a take-nothing judgment against the plaintiff.
  • Successfully extricated a group of investors, who unwittingly invested in a ponzi scheme, from claims by third-parties for millions of dollars in damages.
  • Represented a homeowner in a jury trial and successfully defended against claims by a real estate developer in a boundary line dispute.
  • Numerous cases and trials relating to breaches of construction contracts, commercial leases, purchase and sale agreements, encroachments and easements.
  • Defended a prominent real estate investor from claims that he received fraudulent transfers when he had loans repaid and that he assisted in the creation of a ponzi scheme.

Health Care

  • Represented a prominent physician in a series of trials against his former partner and related party over fraud and breaches of fiduciary duties associated with their medical practice, real estate investments and a medical product manufacturing company. Three juries found in favor of our client, including an award of punitive damages in a large fraud verdict.
  • Prosecuted claims for millions in unpaid insurance reimbursements against major health insurance company under ERISA and state law. The Fifth Circuit overturned a summary judgment and confirmed our client’s right to seek recovery for its state law causes of action.

Trusts, Estates, and Probate

  • Represented a beneficiary of the estate of the owner of a long-established Houston business against the son of the deceased. Obtained a substantial distribution from the estate.
  • Represented the widow of the owner of a prominent Houston business against her stepson in a lawsuit based on charges that he attempted to take assets that were due to her. After depositions, negotiated a favorable distribution from the estate.
  • Represented the widow of an energy executive and successfully extricated her and his estate from several massive tort cases.

Environmental and Natural Resources

  • Represented an agricultural corporation operating on the Rio Grande River against a water district to enforce an agreement to sell water rights to several cities and counties on the river. Handled all hearings, arguments, and briefing from the administrative hearing to district court, court of appeals, and Texas Supreme Court. Established new law in Texas about the transfer of water rights.
  • Represented the owner of a large Texas ranch in a lawsuit against an industrial facility that was contaminating the area with heavy metals. After a week-long trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the ranch. The Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment.


  • Represented an individual who was a major shareholder and executive of a prominent investment house in a claim against his former employer to enforce a stock buy-back provision. After discovery, the claim was settled for a substantial sum.
  • Won a jury trial in federal court for an individual in a breach of contract action against his former employer, an international aerospace fueling company. The company failed and refused to pay to our client severance payments to which he was entitled. The jury awarded to our client all the actual damages he sought.
  • Won summary judgment for manager seeking relief from an invalid non-compete provision.
  • Represented a restaurateur against claims for alleged violation of the minimum wage provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Intellectual Property

  • Represented the inventor of an innovative product in a suit against her supplier. The client settled the case on favorable terms. Since the resolution, the product has been successful and been featured on HGTV, Home Shopping Network, and in Cooking With Paula magazine.
  • Orchestrated defense and favorable resolution of copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit brought by major software firm against mid-sized hardware company.

Shareholder / Partnership Disputes

  • Successfully petitioned for the appointment of a corporate receiver and later obtained summary judgment in a large sum for a client who invested in oil and gas interests in Texas and Louisiana and was shut out of the affairs of the companies in which he invested.
  • Obtained summary judgment forcing partner to comply with partnership agreement provisions relating to buy/sell provision.

Financial Institutions

  • Successfully enforced a jury waiver provision in a guaranty agreement for a regional bank, and won a bench trial for significant damages plus attorney's fees.
  • Defended bank against claims that it received preferred payments in violation of the federal and state fraudulent transfer acts.