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Representative Matters - Bankruptcy | Attorneys Houston, Texas

Chapter 11 debtors

Our attorneys have represented debtors, including:

  • a publicly traded debtor with eight affiliates restructured its debt with secured lenders and was successful in paying all creditors in full
  • an agricultural debtor in Chapter 11 who was able to sell water rights and successfully pay all creditors in full. The nine-year case was unusual in that the moving of the diversion points for the water rights from upstream to lower on the Rio Grande River was an issue of first impression that first had to be approved by the TCEQ and then appealed to the Supreme Court of Texas.
  • a manufacturer of equipment in a successful Chapter 11 reorganization that involved negotiating with multiple secured lenders with conflicting views
  • an aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in the sale of its operations


Our attorneys have represented the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in the jointly administered Chapter 11 cases of eight debtors involved in the trucking industry.


We have represented:

  • several regional banks as secured creditors in Chapter 11 cases, which included the negotiation of cash collateral orders and plan provisions, DIP financing, and objections to confirmation and valuation
  • banks in obtaining relief from the stay to foreclose on collateral.


We have represented individual investors and former employees in defense of a fraudulent transfer suit to avoid transfers allegedly made as part of a Ponzi scheme.

Trade creditors

Our attorneys have represented trade creditors with negotiating critical vendor treatment, asserting reclamation rights, filing administrative claims, defending preference actions, negotiating plan treatment and objecting to confirmation.


We have represented Trustees in several cases, including:

  • the negotiation of complex purchase and sale agreements to sell assets, including but not limited to assets, ongoing businesses, real estate and intellectual property; the preparation of motions seeking court approval of the sale and the presentation of evidence of value. These transactions involved auctions, break-up fees and other complex tax issues.
  • a construction bankruptcy case, including the filing of an adversary proceeding seeking declaratory relief against 150 subcontractors to determine their rights, if any, under the Texas Trust Fund Statute
  • obtaining permission from the Court to operate a motel, a retail store in the Galleria and a fabricating company in Chapter 7 until sold or foreclosed
  • in highly contested objections to homestead exemptions, including business homesteads

Real estate developers

We represented real estate developers in contested matters to protect their property rights and their rights as landlords and creditors under Section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code.