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Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Our Vision

To be a premier, Houston-based commercial law firm, working in proactive, respectful, service-oriented partnership with our clients and each other.

Our Values

We value reliability and take ownership of our results, so we can be trusted to get things done.

We value a strong business mindset and strive to provide practical advice to help our clients see around the corner, anticipate outcomes, and implement strategies to promote long-term success.

We value accessibility and responsiveness to our clients and each other, so we all benefit from the collective knowledge of the entire firm.

We value respect. We balance confidence with humility, and collaboration with autonomy, to cultivate an atmosphere of respect, inclusion, and excellence both inside and outside the firm.

We value zealous, efficient advocacy. We treat each matter as if it were our own, regardless of the amount at stake.

We value the pursuit of excellence and seek to be the best versions of ourselves as attorneys, colleagues, and individuals.

We value integrity and pledge to always do what is right, not just what is expedient or convenient. We challenge each other and our clients.

We value service to our clients and to our community. We don’t just bill our time – we give our time.